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Small Dog Defends Kids From Cow-Killing Pit Bull

Hero Dog, Bear

This story isn’t funny, like others I’ve posted recently. But I thought it was worth passing along. That’s one brave dog willing to risk his life to protect his boys.

From the article:
‘A pit bull had approached the boys, who were from 5 to 12 years old. With no adults in sight, it was Bear who tried to protect them. “Bear saw what was going on and ran over there and started growling at the dog, and got between them,” Jackson said. Eight-year-old Kaleb said his older brother tried to hit the pit bull with a stick, but the boys watched as the pit bull shook their dog like a rag doll. The Jacksons rushed Bear to the vet with serious injuries. The family says he’s lucky to be OK considering the same dog may have killed two cows the next day.’

(source: Link via KSL.com)

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