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Apple Stuffed Orangutan

Apple Stuffed Orangutan
Picture: Olga Dmitrieva. Supplied by Jonathan Hartley, KNS News

OK, I’m guessing there has to be at least 8 apples in his mouth. Anyone else have a good guess?

From the subtext:
“This orangutan at Moscow Zoo gets his five a day. Olga Dmitrieva, 51, of Moscow, has spent a lot of time photographing the apes and observing their play. Miss Dmitrieva, a martial arts teacher, said: ‘I enjoy photographing them because they have such human characteristics. A lot of the animals in the zoo are given apples and the orangutans have found different ways of playing them. Sometimes they use them like a ball, throwing them and catching them. One this occasion I found one of the orangutans with his mouth crammed full of fruit. He seemed to be doing it as a bit of fun and it made a funny shot.'”

(source: Link via Telegraph.co.uk)

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